squid game killing explained
squid game killing explained
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squid game killing explained

If you are Trapp on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, where all the losers are executed, what would you do? A council has written a letter to parents and guardians of school children warning of the dangers of ‘copying games from the squid game killing explained program.

I’m going to break down the mistakes made what you should do and how to beat every death game in squid game killing explained.
This guy is the end luckiest man in the world. Gion here has just gambled the last of his life savings on a horse trap and manages to win 4,000,001,
collecting the money from the tether. He runs out to spend his new, harder cash and steps outside of Cole’s family.
With the good news he’s on top of the world, but that’s what he notices a gang of loan sharks approaching him and realizes his luck has just run out panicking.
He runs back inside to escape them, but crashes into this woman and falls to the ground.
Now realizing that this pig pocket has just stolen all of his winnings,
the load sharks finally corner him in the restroom to collect his debt. squid game killing explained

But when he checks his pocket, he finds it slashed open, and his money has disappeared with nothing to collect the forced inside his contract with his own blood promising to pay them back in one month, depressed. The gambler sits on the subway bench to wait for the next strain home. When this businessman comes over to talk to him, he asks, if you in here wants to play a game and the gambler thinks he’s just an annoying salesman, but then he opens his briefcase, revealing stacks of cash and two photo paper squares. This salesman invites him to play the Korean game. Duck chief promising to give him a hundred thousand one every time he wins, but he’ll have to pay the salesman. If he loses, it’s a ridiculous gamble, both everything to gain Gion decides he’s in the man places. He folded paper on the ground and the gambler tries to flip it over, but he only manages to make the red tile jump he’s failed. squid game killing explained

But when the salesman takes his turn, he flips it over on the first try. Gion tells the man he doesn’t have the money to pay him, but the salesman offers to reduce his debt and return for one slap in the face. It’s an offer. He can’t refuse at desperate to win. He takes a slap to continue playing. He keeps losing each round, getting smacked after smack until finally he throws at his tile and flips the salesman’s paper over Gean has just won a hundred grand for playing a children’s game, but it’s not as innocent as a C. Okay. First of ball, let me just say that this guy here needs to be careful because if any of these trains are going to boost on that, he’s going to instantly regret it. Now, as for geared here, accepting this game was a terrible idea. This man can’t stop hisself on gambling with money.

He doesn’t even have, and against someone who walks around of a Dochy in his suitcase and is clearly better at the game than him, anyone with a brain wouldn take that bet. But once Keon realizes that it’s free money and only requires a slap in the face to keep playing. He doesn’t stop to consider that this whole situation is suspicious as hell. Look at this guy’s outfit here. This man is strictly on business. And since he approached him with such a specific agenda, it tells us he already knew that Gaon is a degenerate gambler and is targeting him for some, he, it, in reason, this salesman gave him every possible chance to make sure he’s won some money from it. And nobody tries that hard to lose money. Unless what you’re getting in return is much more valuable. Gaia was too greedy to recognize any of these wording signs and the man let his emotions get the better of him. squid game killing explained

Now, none of this guy’s suspicious behavior matters. If you had a proven strategy to play and win, doc G is a game that Korean school kids play. And it’s so popular that the game is even televised for mass entertainment, but it’s not the strongest player who wins this game. It’s the smartest and most coordinated. If you look at this player here, he manages to flip the paper in one, try and that’s. He used the most service area to make more contact with the other paper. If you can strike the target with the flat site of your Dochy paper, then the momentum will be transferred and carry the paper up on the bounce so that it flips over. This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s just plain physics. And you can see this player was not successful because he was trying to use the edge, which is not opening strategy. If Gaon here had known the best, best way to play this game, he could hustle his businessman for all his cash and walk away without having to get slapped in the process. Now, even though he won this one, victory will soon leave the gambler to playing six of the most terrifying death games you could possibly imagine. And instead of a slap in the cheek, he’ll soon be gambling with his life, but you don’t have to. squid game killing explained

Gion here collects his winnings and the salesman tells him he could win more money playing other children’s games. But he turns down the off the that’s. When the salesman stands up and reveals, he knows the exact amount of money, Guan owes to loan sharks, and that he’ll be killed. If he doesn’t paid back, squid game killing explained the gambler asks him how he knows this and the salesman, hands him a business card, telling him to call. If he wants to join the competition of a lifetime, GU considers his offer. But this will be the biggest mistake of his life. Celebrating his new luck. He returns back home to have dinner with his mother, but the woman knows the money came from gambling. She tells him that his ex-wife is planning to move to America. And he’ll only be able to see his daughter.

If he has the finances to prove he can care for her. Yun is devastated and realizing she’s right. He decides to call the number on the business card, telling the salesman that he accepts his offer to play another game. Later that night, he waits outside to be picked up. When a van pulls up to the sidewalk, getting inside, he begins to notice that all the other passengers are asleep, but when the van starts to fill with toxic gas, the gambler realizes he’s just up big time and gets knocked and conscious. When the man opens his eyes, he wakes up the find himself lying in a bunk bed, surrounded by hundreds of others and cots just like him. They’re all wearing uniforms and numbers on them. And as everyone gathers in the center of the room, the front door opens and a team of guards walks inside.

This man with a square mask, tells them they’ll be playing in six different games. And those who make it through all six games will get a cash prize. This man demands to know why they were brought here. And the guard presses a button, playing a montage of several people. Being slapped squid game killing explained. Everyone in this room is drowning in debt, and they’ve all been invited here to win enough money to pay it off the players all the night up just on consent forms with three clauses stating that they must keep on the plane, that if they refuse to play, they’ll be eliminated. And that the get games can be ended. If the majority of players agree to stop, okay, there’s nothing more dangerous than a room full of desperate people who have nothing to lose. And that’s why the real threat are these players, not just the games from the video that was played.

We can see the do G salesman use the same trick on everybody. And they’ve only invited players who are willing to gamble money. They don’t have on a game during like a to win it’s textbook psychological manipulation, and it proves this wasn’t a game for cash. This was a test that everyone in the room passed and now they know what we’re willing to say yes to which should scare the crap out of us. If we all agreed to play for more money, then we can be sure that the penalty for losing is going to be a lot worse than a few slaps. Now, if you pay close attention to details of this place, you’ll realize the GU here is about to have a really [inaudible] day because this place looks like a death camp designed by a Kia and H and M even refugee camps. Don’t stack their bunks six beds high, and everyone is given a uniform with a number instead of their name.

So their identities have been stripped from them. And it’s an immediate red flag that this is going to become a death game. If prison rules apply here, then there are 455 other people who might kill you to get ahead. And it won’t matter what game we’re playing. The best strategy right now is to lay low, stay quiet, and observe our surroundings to gain more information, to make sure we have a competitive advantage. A key thing to notice here is that these guards have different shapes on their masks, but this could indicate different work rules. The sort could be workers and the square mask could be a manager of some kind, recognizing power is extremely important because it helps you behave accordingly at off the wrong person just might get you killed. Now sign. This contract is the cherry on top of the death game here because after being drug against your will and kidnapped this whole enterprise is completely illegal, which means the contract can’t be bound.

This is as designed to create the illusion of choice and keep you playing. Even when things start getting really [inaudible] up. The fact that nobody here has realizes contract is meaningless, tells us they are prepared for what’s about to happen next. After being processed, they’re all taken to their first game, entering an outdoor room with a massive clearing. And in front of them is a giant doll standing at the other end of the field. G here recognizes one of the players as his childhood friends Sanu and walks up to say, hello, suddenly the gates behind them lock shut. And the competitors are told they’ll be playing the children’s game. Red light green light players must run to the finish line while the doll looks away. But if it looks back and catches the moving, they will be eliminated. They have only five minutes across the finish line.

And with that, the game begins. The players start running across the field, but the doll suddenly announces red light before anyone expects it. And this player is caught completely off guard and spots. The man still trying to catch his balance and a voice announces that he’s eliminated suddenly a gunshot rings and the player collapsed to the ground motionless. He’s just been shot dead and realized that they’ve been tricked into playing a death game. Everyone starts running for the exits, but the doll is detecting every movement and bullets start flying. By the time the shooting stops over 100 people have been murdered and the surviving players are frozen in fear. The doll turns its head back and announcing its green light and the group’s movie again, determined to make it out of you alive using this guy like a shield. This girl cleverly falls behind another player to hide herself from the doll site. squid game killing explained

It’s the same girl who stole the gambler’s money earlier when he was running from the loan sharks and without hesitation, she pulls the man down to launch herself ahead of the pack. God here tries to move forward, but he’s grading an injured player who begs him for help one and moves, and he’s going to get him shot. But luckily the doll turns back around just in time. And he breaks out of the man’s grip. There’s now one minute left and the players are finally starting to reach the finish line. The man is only a few meters away from being this squid game killing explained, but just as he takes a step forward, he trips over a dead body. He’s about to fall on the ground, but another player saves his life, holding him up until the doll announces Greenlight with only three seconds on the timer. GIA jumps through the air and finally makes it across the finish line. squid game killing explained

The remaining players who haven’t crossed are all brutally shot to death. And the survivors look up to notice a massive roof close overhead. They have no idea. They’re on a private island in the middle of nowhere. And the only way out of here is to win. That’s one squid game killing explaineddown with only I have more to go, okay, this is the most horrifying children’s game I’ve ever seen, but double oh one here is having the time of his life because he understands something that everyone else is too scared to realize this squid game killing explained. Isn’t just about speed. It’s about how much ground you can cover with enough stability to freeze at any given moment. With this in mind, the best method here is to walk with feed, fly the ground and a wide stance. So our center of gravity stays low and stable. This old man was born for this moment because he moved with a very stable gate.

And it’s the best example of how everyone here needs to walk. If they want to make it out alive. Now we can’t afford to be frozen and shot like yean here, because there’s a lot of ground for us to cover. In a very short time. This room is designed to deceive, to thinking it’s smaller than it is, but there’s a trick we can use to gauge the distance so that we know how fast we need to walk to reach the finish line. Before the clock runs out, taking advantage of para and anatomy, you can actually use your thumb to figure out the length of the field. The space between your eyes is about one 10th, the length of your arm. So if you’re stuck your thumb out, closing one eye after another, your thumb would appear to move one 10th of distance. As the guards are from where you’re standing.

You can actually try this right now by sticking your thumb out in front of you and closing one eye and then switching to the other eye to see your thumb move. If you do the math here, this trick tells us that we’re at least a hundred meters away. That means that this place is roughly the length of a soccer field. So if we wanna make it across in five minutes, we can’t afford to waste even one second. One of the biggest mistakes you can make here is looking at the doll instead of watching where you’re placing your feet. It’s important to remember that we aren’t responding to visual cues here. We’re listening for red light green light. We can’t risk tripping or accidentally losing our footing. So watching our feet helps us shut out unnecessary information so we can concentrate on stability while keeping our ears out for the signals.

The next thing I would do is try to protect myself and there’s nothing more safe in a death game than finding a good old fashioned beach shield. If we position ourselves behind another person than it makes it much harder for the robot to detect any, if we happen to flinch at a gunshot or react to another player dying close by. So walk you behind someone is the best insurance we have to hide it. Now the most dangerous element of the scenario is actually the other players trapped in here with us. We have to realize that we are extremely vulnerable to anyone who wants to commonize their way out of here. If you get pushed over, then they’re taking you out with them. And it only takes one tiny movement to get you killed. So will need stay far enough away from people that they can’t interfere with their progress.

The best way to do this is to position yourself along this wall. Natural human instinct is to see comfort in crisis and it might be drawn to the shade here. So to avoid the other players, I would use the sunny side of the wall. Instead, this also gives us another point stability to help us stop in time. We can make it to the finish line without getting killed. After the squid game killing explained, the guards come in to congratulate the survivors on passing and announce that 255 players were killed. It’s a horrifying number and afraid for her life. This woman steps forward begging the man to let her go home. Several other players join her in protest, but that’s in this massive piggy bank drops in above them and yards to fill with more cash than they’ve ever seen in their lives. The survivors are shocked and the mask man tells everyone that they have an opportunity to win 45.6 billion won.

But if anyone leaves, then they won’t get a single penny with that. A voting machine is set up in front of them and they all cast their votes. But the majority of players agree to quit. The mask man tells them they can still come back. If a majority agrees to compete again and the players are sent back home. Now it turns out that every single one of them realizes their lives outside are much worse than they remember. And Keone here returns to key playing, but they’re all going to instantly regret it because this next death game is even more screwed up than the last. The vans take them to the private island where a team of workers dress them uniforms. And the players finally wake up back in the same place as if they never left. Later that night, G talks of his childhood friend and suggests he team up for the next game to increase their odds of winning the man agrees.

It’s wise to join forces and spotted the player who rescued in last squid game killing explained. The Getler insists this man joined them too. That’s when the old man asks, if he can also be a part of their team and G happily accepts him into the group, but his friend is not happy. He invited so and so old to join their team. The next morning, all the players are led into a new arena and as they pour in, they find an oversized playground in front of them, a voice instructs them the lineup in front of one of the four shapes on the walls and their choices are a circle triangle, star and umbrella. That’s when Saul here has a flashback to his childhood and suddenly realizes what this game is. But the man doesn’t tell anyone what he’s just discovered. Gil here asks him if they should all choose the same shape, but he rejects the idea suggesting they should split up to reduce the risk.

Finally, the doors, and as the announcer instructs them, they take a case from the tables and the players find a thin piece of hard sponge coffee with a shape in the middle. They’ll have to use the needle to poke out the shape in 10 minutes. But if they crack it, they’ll be executed. The game begins. And again, here carefully starts breaking off pieces of the candy, but another player immediately crack his honeycomb in half without hesitation, the guard pulls out his pistol and shoots the man dead, making him the first casualty of this squid game killing explained. It starts a chain reaction. As more people are executed without mercy Guun is sweating for the pressure. The umbrella is the hardest shape to cut, but suddenly the man has a revelation. Seeing the beats of sweat falling onto the candy. He realizes he might be able to melt it with his saliva from the, because the outline, the shape is thinner than the rest of the honeycomb.

He starts to like the toy while other players begin to follow his lead. And with 12 seconds left on the clock, Gion desperately breaks apart. His honeycomb perfectly removing the umbrella from the mold, despite all odds he’s won. Again, that’s two games with four more to go, okay, this might seem easy, but if you pick the wrong shape and game, you have an extremely low chance of surviving. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this candy is known as Taana and removing the shape without cracking. It is a very common game that Korean vendors play with kids, which is why the players recognized it. As soon as they opened their tin cans, it’s made outta melted sugar and bacon soda creating a unique structure in inside, which makes it hard to predict how it might crack fracture mechanics. This is known as strain energy, and when it releases other micro cracks, start to spread, make it a crumble more easily.

That is exactly what makes this game so challenging because as careful as you are, it just might make your candy crack on you without warning. And you’ll be shot in the face. The more sharp angles there are in the shape, the more you are likely to break it. And that’s what you here is complete. He be screwed because he chose an umbrella, which has the most angles. By far, this teammate here told everyone to split up, to spread out the risk. But if you think about it, his suggestion is total. Spreading out, just makes it harder for the group to work together because they won’t be facing the same problems. For this reason. I would’ve suggested that we all select the same shape so that whatever solutions we can find, we can all benefit from them and win. It’s clear that this guy’s intentionally trying to get the other players killed in order to increase the prize school for himself.

And that’s cold blooded as hell. Now there’s still a way to increase your chances of choosing the right shape without knowing what the squid game killing explainedis. Look at how these first two players rush in to select a shape before anyone else, both of them chose triangle. And when nobody’s supposed to know what the game is yet, it probably means they recognize the game from their childhood. Now this doesn’t guarantee that triangle is the best choice, but given they are so sure themselves when stakes are life and death, it’s not unreasonable to assume that. So, and this confident has probably figured something out. If the players were unsure of their decision, they would take more time to think about it. And if you have no idea what the game is, following their lead is going to be your best option. Now, if a justso happens that we get stuck with the worst shape possible, there’s still hope here because the rules never stated that you could only use the needle.

And that opens up a lot more possibilities to win using your saliva is a smart move because Gideon wet makes the candy softer and you’ll be able to cut the shape out without cracking it. This might seem obvious, but under a crazy amount of stress like this, it’s hard to see other solutions. If you’re already told how you’re supposed to solve them. And most of the players here were so fixated on using the needle. They didn’t have to think outside of the box. This is actually very similar to the candle problem, which is a famous psychological. In the 1950s, the subjects were given a table, a box of thumb tax sub matches and a candle. They were then instructed to stick the candle to the wall without letting any wax strip onto the table, but they have to come up with a solution as fast as he possibly can.

What’s interesting is that most of the participants didn’t consider that the box itself could be used to solve the problem until their time ran out. And it had everything to do with time, pressure and how the items were presented to them. We can learn from this by considering all the tools you had to work with, but none of these players realized they might be able to use the tin can here to solve their problem. Instead of looking the candy to death, they could have used the can to collect their liquids and soak the bottom of the candy way faster. All the players go back to the main room where the results of the second game are Ren announced. Seven, nine people were killed with 108 left standing, and that’s now 34.8 billion one in the bank later, the plays will gather for lunchtime, but when the last of them walk up to get food, they’re shocked to find there’s nothing left, angry.

The man yells at the guard for being unfair, but suddenly this girl stands up and points across the room, telling everyone that these players here cut the line to take eight seconds. The man walks up to the gangster and tries to pull the water out of his hand, but he’s overpowered. And the bottle shatters on the floor, furious. This guy slaps into the ground and starts beating him the death. As the guards, do nothing to stop him. All of a sudden the scoreboard announces another player has died. And the total cash prize goes up by a hundred million, won a couple of guards, walk in to take the body of weight. Will everyone stares in war realizing that this game just got a lot more dangerous later. Oo here tells his team to stay awake tonight. In case they’re attacked, the other groups are preparing for a fight, but GHI notices this girl across the room and recognizes her as the pick bucket who stole his money.

The man approaches and invites her to join the team. But she rejects his offer. Insists thing. No one here can be trusted that night. They all get into their beds and nervously wait for the guards to leave the room. Once the lights are turned off, several people slowly begin to leave their cots searching for an easy kill. Suddenly this player panics at the thug, grabs her and stabs the woman to death. This one murder causes a chain reaction and all the other players begin killing each other for cash G and his team try to defend themselves. But that’s when only hear the old man begging everyone to stop fighting. And when the lights turn back on the guards, running to the room, putting a stop to the madness, okay, this just might be scarier than the actual squid game killing explained. So far, there are no rules or restrictions here.

And when you’re literally worth more dead than alive, everyone in this room has a motive to kill you. Now that said, this is actually the best thing that could possibly happen. There were a total of 27 players who died in the chaos. And while those are better odds than any of the death squid game killing explained. So far, this wipes out a lot competition that we would otherwise be facing in the next challenges. All we have to do is survive the night and the other players can kill each other off for our direct benefit. The best strategy here is to run to the corner of the room and defend your position with a group of friends. This might counterintuitive, but when it’s completely dark and you can’t see who’s coming for you being cornered in like this leaves you with ow, 90 degrees of vulnerability, and that’s much better.

The being in the middle of the room where you would have a full 360 degrees could be attacked from, if you don’t have a group, then we should be hiding under one of the bunk beds. As soon as the lights go out, the killers, won’t be able to look for anyone in hiding because it’s too dark to see. So this just might be the only time I’ll ever tell you that hiding under the bed is, is a good idea. And Hey, I don’t mind being called a coward. If we end up outliving everyone else as a result, the next morning, all the players wake up, but you and here notices how tired the old man is and finds out. He stayed up all night, watching over the team in case someone attacked them. He’s exhausted, but there’s no more time. The rest because the third game is about to begin.

The players are led into a white room where they’re told to divide themselves into groups of 10. Some will hear realize that a team game could mean it’s a physical challenge and thinks they should find stronger men to join them. The group splits up to search for more players, but with time running out, the only man to bring in the outcasts, realizing that three skinny women and an old man could put them at a severe disadvantage. The groups are taken into another room where they see two men acid platforms. And they’re told that today’s game is tug of war. They’ll need to pull the rope until the other team falls off the platform to their deaths. And the guards draw lots to decide who will go first, when it’s finally their turn Y and his team stand up to see who they’ll be facing, but find that their opponents are all stronger than them.

Their completely outmatched and know they won’t be able to beat them with group force. As they buy the elevator up to the platform. The old man tells them. He knows exactly how to win. Gion takes a position at the front to act as a leader with the strongest player at the very back, the group stands on alternating sides with their feet pointed forward. And as soon as the squid game killing explainedbegins, they all lean back. As far as they can using their whole body to pull the rope with this technique, they’re able to get the advantage within first 10 seconds and tug the other team closer to the edge, but it doesn’t last for long. Their opponents gain their second wind and the group loses their footing as their drag, closer to the edge of the platform. But that’s when oo here has a brilliant idea. He yells at everyone to take three steps forward at his signal and with no other plan they do, as he says, the group steps forward, knocking the other team off balance and it sets them tumbling to the ground.

Now with the advantage Ion’s team is finally able to pull the others off the platform. And as the blade cuts through the rope, the players collapse just happy to be alive. That’s how three games they’ve won. And there’s only three more to go, okay, for anyone who’s picked last in gym class, this one has got to bring back some painful memories because it’s immediately clear that the biggest and strongest players are going to dummy in this squid game killing explained. If you’re weak or old, like these guys, you’re at serious risk of getting your whole team killed. Now, I’m not going to say that they won just because they had plot armor. But if I were them, I’d be looking for every possible way to cheat because of the players we have. It’s going to be our best chance at surviving. Now the truth is this isn’t just a children’s game.

Tug of war used to be in the Olympics from the years of 1900 to 1920. And to this day, the international Olympics committee still recognizes it as an official sport. If this seems like trivial information, I assure you it’s not cuz unlike silly children’s gains an official sport has tons of rules with governing bodies to make sure that the game is being played fairly. The reason this is important is because these rules are created to prevent teams from gaining an unfair competitive advantage. Now that doesn’t put a smile on your face, that you’re not paying attention because in a death game like this unfair, competitive at vantages are everything we could possibly want to stay alive in a death squid game killing explained. Official sport rules are basically a gift rep instruction manual for how to cheat and win because the workers are not going to be holding a training camp on proper tug of war techniques.

And there’s no referee on this platform. If we know what the official rules are, then it’s reasonable to assume that we can break them without getting punished for it. The first rule I would break is called locking. This is usually done by placing your elbow behind your thigh. And it locks up any back and forth movement in the rope. Normally a tug of war. Your hands are the only point of contact with the rope. And it means that your arms are doing a lot of work, but locking helps you easily use your entire body’s weight to pull with. And this rule break makes it much harder for the other team to win. Another form of cheating is for the player in the back to use, what’s called an anchor grip where they wrap the end of the rope around their torso. This allows the last player to concentrate on using his full body to pull without even needing to place his hands on the rope.

There are tons of tug-of-war rules that we can break here that will give us an unfair event. And it’s the best way for a team like this to win no matter what. Now, if we are about to lose, we are going to need a hail Mary tactic. And the best thing we can do is to have the whole team shift to one side. While the player in the back ties the rope to this metal bar here, this doesn’t violate any of the rules stated by the square mask. And if we keep pretending the pole while letting our arms cover, the other team will have no idea. We’re cheating and they’ll blow their muscles out. These anchors can also be used as footholds instead of relying on the friction of the floor to push off of the next morning, the players are brought to another room with their given instructions for the next squid game killing explained.

They will need to pair up with one other person and they have 10 minutes to find a partner. The players immediately start looking for anyone. They’ll help them win, but Keun here notices that they’re all ignoring the old man approaching him. He reaches outta hand offering to be his partner and the two join up by the end. The only person who doesn’t have a partner is this woman and with an odd number of players, everyone else leaves for the game while she’s dragged away by the guards inside the arena, the players are led through a room that looks like an old Korean neighborhood and is each given a pouch filled with 10 marbles. The old man tells his partner that he was good at playing with them as a kid, but makes him promise to be gun boo, best friends. If he wants a chance to survive this squid game killing explained, suddenly an announcement tells the play.

They must use the marbles to play a game of their choice and take all 10 of them from their partner. In order to wins, U here decides to play a game of odds or evens. And his partner has never played before, but after only a few rounds, Ali here manages to get the better of him winning all. But one of his marbles, the man is devastated and he begs his partner to help him survive, asking for one last chance to play against the other teams, to take their marbles in. Instead, his partner decides to trust him. And that’s when San U asks for the man’s pouch, placing it under his jacket. He secretly switches it out with his own. Before stripping his shirt to create a sling, hanging his pouch around the man’s neck. He tells him to go searching for others to play against.

And the man leaves with his partner gone. He puts his last marble in the full pouchy stool and hands it over to the guard coming. The winner it’s a filthy trick to play, but he did what he needed to survive. Meanwhile, Gion plays against the old man cheating in each round until he’s down to one less marble realizing he’s about to lose. He decides to surrender to his best friend and Gion breaks down in tears with Ted marbles. He walks away the winner as the old man gets killed and with four games down, there are only two it to go. Okay? This death game has a lot more possibilities than any of the other challenges. Because for the first time we get to choose how we want to play. Now, the danger here is that there are only 30 minutes on the clock. And if your partner refuses to continue, you’ll run out of time before you’ve won Al marbles, which will get you killed playing a single all or nothing round will all this problem, but it’s a risky strategy because if you lose, there’s no way to win your marbles back.

Now, these guys here are playing the game odd or even where your opponent guesses. If the number of marbles in your hand is odd or even, and if they guess right, they get to take them winning this game is based on pure chance. And for someone as smart as Sanu here, he should have realized that this game would give him no way to use strategy, to gain an advantage. Instead of gains of blind luck like this, we should be looking for something that your opponent thinks they can win, but that, you know, you can win. And for that, there’s nothing better than an ancient Chinese game called NM. This game has been around for centuries, but what makes it special is that there’s actually a proven strategy to T a victory. If you’re not familiar with the squid game killing explained, this is how to play. First. We could bite our 20 marbles together into a shared pile and take turns removing either one or two marbles at a time, whoever removes the last marble gets to keep all of them and wins the game.

It’s so simple that you’d think there couldn’t possibly be a strategy here. But the key to this game is to always go first and remove exactly two marbles. Then whatever they remove, you remove the opposite. For example, if they remove two marbles, then you remove one and if they remove one marble, then you remove two. If we keep this going, then you’re guaranteed to remove the last marble and you’ll never lose. Most people don’t know this mathematical trick exists. And that’s why it’s the perfect game to choose in this situation because winter victory depends on another player’s cooperation. We can use Nim the trick, anyone into agrees to play, and they won’t realize they’ve lost until it’s too late. Now it might be that there’s just not enough time to waste in playing a full game of ni because the longer it takes your opponent to make decisions, the more he puts you at risk of getting executed.

If that’s the case, then we should follow this. Guy’s dirty tactics and steal our partners, marbles to do this. We should ask for their pouch in order to set up the squid game killing explained. But once they’ve handed them over, just go straight to the guard and declare you’ve met the wind conditions. The other player will probably attack you and protest, but violence is not allowed in this game and your opponent will be threatened at gunpoint. If he does, once you have his marbles, there’s nothing to stop you from winning and in a death game like this, we have to consider every tactic at our disposal. If you want to stay alive, the victors, we turn to the main room and they’re all surprised to see that this woman is still alive. She explains to us since she had no one to pair with the game letters, skip the challenge.

And after everything they’ve been through, the others are furious. The next morning, all the players wake up to a group of guards coming in with a coffin. And GHI realizes that one of their fellow players cited to quit during the night looking up, they watch the man’s life turns into cold, hard cash. And that’s when the PA announces at the fit game is about to begin. The group is taken to a room with a Roman mannequin wearing numbered vests, and they’re told to each choose one for their next challenge. Rushing in everyone gets their pick. But when Gion finally steps up to choose, the only vests left for him are numbers. One in 16, he considers taking number one, even though that means he’ll go first, but this player asks to have the number instead and he breeze to let him take it. Finally, they’re brought into the game room and the announcer tells them they will be playing glass, stepping stones.

They must remove their shoes and walk over tempered glass to make it across the bridge. But if they step on a panel made from regular glass, they’ll fall to their death. With 60 minutes on the clock, the first player takes off his shoes and approaches the bridge nervous. He jumps to the first. Hi makes it, but when he moves on to the second, the man falls straight through the glass. Horrified. The other players have no choice, but to continue and more people start crossing the glass bridge one by one, they plummet to the ground as a slowly revealing path of stable panels for the others to follow with the first eight players dead. It’s now the gangster’s turn to lead the group, but he refuses to move on telling the others to go before him. If they want to pass everyone behind him starts to panic.

They still have five panels left and are quickly running out of time. Suddenly the gangster comes face to face with this woman and she mocks him for being a coward, jumping onto his platform. She locks her arms around him, threatening to pull him off the ledge if he doesn’t continue. But before the gangster knows it, they break through the glass panel. As they both fall to their deaths with only a handful of survivors and less than three minutes left this man crouches down to inspect the panel in front of them. Sango begs in the keep on moving. But he reveals that he was a glassmaker for 30 years at can tell which panels are tempered from the reflection. The man jumps forwards onto a stable panel and they realize his theory is working. But that’s when the game decides to make things more challenging and turns off the lights.

So they can’t tell the difference in panicking. Some hear realizes they won’t be able to see the reflections anymore, but the glassmaker has one last trick of his sleeve. He asks for something to throw the panels, explaining the tempered and regular glass. Different sounds Keone here passes over the marble. He still has. And the glassmaker toss in front of him both less than 25 seconds remaining. Sanu decides to take matters into his own hands. He pushes the man forward, shattering the glass into pieces and with the path clear, theall make it to the other side. When the timer hits zero, the remaining glass panels suddenly explode and the shards go flying through the year. Injuring the three survivors that now five games down at one more to go, okay, this glassmaker was a total badass. He could have saved all 16 players if he shared his knowledge in the beginning, but he knew that keeping his mouth shut would eliminate his competition.

And it was a bother move. The only mistake he made was not waiting longer because once he revealed his strategy, the game removed his advantage and all it took was one greedy man to kill him off. Now, having said that this game is different from the previous challenges because it’s not a test of skill or strength when you have no information to base your decision on choosing the right path here makes us a game, a random chance. If you look here, you’ll see that there are 18 pairs of panels. So this first layer has a one in 262,144 chance of making it across this bridge. This is basically a death game lottery with odds that I wouldn’t play under any circumstances, unless I found a way to cheat by the law of averages. It’s fair to assume that each player will probably step on two panels before dying with one correct guess and one wrong one.

That means on average, nine players will need to die in order to cross all 18 of them. If the majority of the players are going to die, then it might be the perfect time to convince them to vote on leaving the competition. This death game is like telling someone that if they don’t win the lottery they’ll get murder. And when you put it like that, it’s kind of ridiculous of the first players even attempted to play. Now, if, if we actually choose to play the odds, we’re going to have to cheat. If we want any chance of making it to the next round, I’m not an expert glassmaker like this guy here, but all I need to know is that if you throw something three-window, it’s going to break. That’s exactly why I would’ve collected these shoes here, taken my jacket off and tie a knot.

At the end of the sleep, then place a bunch of shoes so that we can sweep it in front of us to test. If the glass will break or not, if it cracks, then I jump to the opposite panel and continue until I reach the end. If for some reason, this method fails, we can also try walking on the metal bars here instead of the glass. Now this might be considered unacceptable to the game designers, but if someone doesn’t try it, we’ll never know if it’s allowed or not. The only win condition for this challenge is to make it across the bridge. And we’ve already seen other games where the players are able to manipulate the rules to their advantage. If you remember in the last squid game killing explained, Sanu here tricked his teammate into giving him the marbles instead of playing for them. And when things get desperate, these are the kinds of tactics that we need to start using.

If we don’t test the boundaries of what’s allowed in each and every squid game killing explained, then we might be missing out on some of the best strategies that will keep us alive for longer. And it’s a terrible waste of an opportunity. Later. The players are rewarded for surviving to the final game and given the first real food they’ve had in dates, starving, the men dig into their stakes, realizing this could be the last meal of their lives. When they finish eating the staff, lead them with their steak knife and by all appearances, this next game is going to be a vicious fight. Death that night GHI decides to approach the girl to talk. He asks her what she’ll do if she survives and the girl reveals, she wants to get her mother out of North Korea. So their family can reunite. It’s a touchy moment, but suddenly Gion looks over and notices the other player slouching in his bed.

He’s falling asleep. And the man realizes he’s got the perfect opportunity to kill him, pulling out his steak knife. He’s about to step forward. When the girl stops him insisting, he shouldn’t play this w he hesitates, but the man knows she’s white and puts the knife away. That’s when he hears the girl gasping and turns around, shocked to find her leaning over in the bed and realize she was injured by the flying glass in the last squid game killing explained, worried, he runs over to the front door and screams at the staff to treat her wounds to his surprise, the lights silly turn on as the workers enter the room, carrying a coffin. But the art here to help GN looks behind him and sees sooo standing over the girl’s bed. And his knife is so in her blood furious Gion goes to attack him, but a guard intervenes shoving the player to the ground.

And as he screams in fury, the coffin closes over the woman’s body. Leaving the final two players left with one last game, okay, this was devastating, but we all should have seen it coming. Sanu here has managed to stay alive because he’s the most coldblooded player in the, but that’s why he was 100% correct to kill this woman. He realized there were three players left. There was a huge risk that if the others banded together, they would have a majority using the third clause of the contract. This will let them force a vote to quit the game, and he wouldn’t be able to stop them. If they were me, I wouldn’t let that happen under any circumstances because we’ve come way too far to give up. Now, that’s why he took matters due to his own hands before it got that far. And it was a brilliant move to make now to be fair, this girl was already bleeding out and was simply not strong enough to compete at the next squid game killing explained.

Her only options were to kill the men during the night or to force a vote and return back to the mainland. Both of these benefits, nobody but herself and give in here seems to keep forgetting that he’s a finalist in a [inaudible] death gate. Oo just did him a huge favor and wiped out 33% of the competition. So as heartless and cold-blooded as it was, the man did exactly what he had to do. The two men are taken to a corridor where their to coin will be flipped to decide who will be defending or attacking, picking triangle G here wins the toss and chooses to play offense. Before the players are finally told that for the last round, they will be playing a squid game killing explained. As the attacker GNE must enter the squid shape court and tap his foot inside a circle of the other end to win.

The defender wins. If he manages the, the attacker out of the courts, but any kind of violence is allowed. And the last person standing will be the winner. Suddenly the sky goes dark and it starts to rain. As the two players take their positions, determin to vengeance for the girl, Gil here walks towards his childhood friend and starts swinging his knife. But the other player manages to get him in a choke hole. The two men go at it and as the players get locked into a wrestling match, his opponent picks up his knife before stabbing Gion deep into the thigh. He kicks the other player away from him, but with his injuries, he can barely defend himself. The man walks up to him and tries to end his life. But G won’t give up catching the knife at the last second and bites his ankle, forcing the man to back off exhausted.

He climbs over his friend and beats him to the ground. Songu is two weak to continue. And even though he has the perfect opportunity to kill him, Gion spares his life, getting onto his feet. He asks the guard about clause number three, and if they are still allowed to end the game if both players agree to quit, he then offers a hand to his friend telling him they can both go home, but the man decides to sacrifice himself letting GN win by default, he’s completed all six games and earned 45 billion won, but has just lost his friend in the process. Okay. Samoo took the honorable way out, but to be fair, this guy had to come to him because he was just about the worst childhood friend you could ever ask. For. First of all, he tricks on into picking an umbrella. And the second squid game killing explained, knowing the might get him killed and also stole his other teammates, marbles, which was downright disrespectful.

And having said that we cannot get emotional like you own here because this kind of behavior will backfire on you quickly. He’s furious that song killed the girl, but it’s distracting him for his priorities of staying alive and finding strategies to win this last game. Now, if the man had kept his cool, he would’ve known to notice that on the walls of the room were images that told him exactly what the next game would be. These pictures have been here the whole time. And if Guan had noticed this drawing of the squid game court with only two players inside with that kind of evidence, all you need to know is how to play squid game killing explained, to figure out what tactics will give us our best chance to win. So let’s break down how this game actually works. First. There are two sides, an offense, and a defense.

The attacking players begin the game by trying to run across the court here while the defender tries to stop them. If they succeed the game enters stage two, and the attacker must run through the S narrow gap and break the defense, but only wins by tapping his foot on his tiny space. Lastly, if he gets pushed out of bounds by the defender that he loses now that you know the rules, imagine if you’re the attacker trying to run through this gap, except this time the offending player here is holding out a steak knife. This is why choosing to play offense is a terrible strategy because they’re actually not playing squid game killing explained at all. They’re playing a new game called kill your childhood friend. The fact that they are both given steak knives, completely changes how we should be thinking about this, to put it another way.

If Suma wrestlers were allowed to use steak knives in competition, they would have to completely change their regular strategies in how to play and win. And this scenario, young has to make it through this tiny opening without getting stabbed, but also U has to do push him out of the court or kill him. Choosing that offender is going to give you a better chance to win because the knife makes it almost impossible to enter the gap without getting seriously injured. If I were him, I would even try standing with the opponent who is supposed to tap his foot. This lures the attacker, closer to the edges of the court here. And we might be able to throw him out of bound to win the squid game killing explained. It doesn’t require near theas much energy agility or endurance as the offensive player needs to have. And that’s why gee hood made the worst possible choice.

Now, this is not the only mistake that he made because even while the game was being played, he was so cut up and gain revenge that he completely forgot the main objective. This man had several opportunities to run through the gap and tap his foot on the circle to win, but he completely ignored it and continued fighting. It’s the same, probably he had at the beginning with a DOCI player because when he finally won and foot the paper, he was so caught up with his emotions that he wanted to return the slap and forgot that he was playing for 100,001, its GUIs, worst character flaw and a nearly cost in his life. He’s taken back to the mainland and dub in a sidewalk with a special debit car as a reward. When he puts it into an ATM, he discovers it’s full of the prize money for the death squid game killing explained.

One year later G here is miserable and hasn’t touched any of the money he won. But as he’s sitting on a riverbank, a woman asks him to buy one of her flowers before they wilt. He pays for a single rose and she gives it to him. But then he discovers an envelope was attached to it with a pink ribbon, open it, he finds it’s a squint gay business card for the old man, invited him to a reunion in the city, going to the address. He enters his building and is shocked to find the old man lying in a gurney he’s somehow still lying and Gil demands an explanation about who he is. The old man tells him he created the death squid game killing explained. And the only reason he joined was so that he could feel like an again Keun is completely disgusted, but the old man dies before he can answer any more of his questions several days.

And one crazy haircut. Later, he’s traveling to the airport to visit his daughter. When he spots someone, slapping a guy on the platform and he realizes it’s the doc G player who gave him the business card furious. He runs over to the other side of the tracks to confront the man, but he’s already got on the train and left G here walks up to the person he was playing with and sees he was given a card, taking it out of his hands. He discovers it’s an invitation to the death game later. He’s about to board his plane and decides to call the number on the card. He demands to know who the kidnappers are, but the person on the other end tells him to get on board that makes ski on furious. And he turns back around, decides to stop the squid game killing explained before more people get hurt. But what do you think, how would you beat the squid game killing explained? Let me know with a common down below. Thank you so much for watching. Leave a like and subscribe and check out the how to be a playlist for more videos like this. Now the next time have a good day.


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