Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment
Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment
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Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

You got the a, which is the talking head where I’m talking to the audience straight ahead. And then when you’re doing tech, you have product B rolls, which you just shoot the product by itself. And then we have the editing and making the thumbnail,

Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment

which is like post-processing and we’ll be going through each and every step. So anyway, we got the rollover here. I usually like to hide all this on the site. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

So I just zoom into my camera like that.

And it makes everything a lot more organized or neater on the other side is what this recording thing looks like right over here. So as you can see on top of me, I actually have this rig thing over here, which I’ll talk about in the B roll section. As you can see this wall, I don’t need it to be that nice.

It’s actually just a blank white wall so that I can shoot the light off and bounce it off onto my face. So that I’m all pretty and, uh, cinematic or whatever you call it over here. Got the light over here. And I got some natural light coming in over here, and that’s really nice. But I think the first question about this whole thing is what am I shooting all of this on right now? So for the past eight months, I’ve been making all my Articles on the Sony, a seven C I think this just might be the best camera for people who do a lot of Instagram and because both the photo and Articles quality is superb. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment

It’s a full-frame camera. That’s squished into a compact form factor. So it’s lightweight. And when I take this out to film Articles, people aren’t gonna freak out or be too intimidated when they see a camera like this.

Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment

And most importantly, if you’re someone like me, just film thing yourself, it’s very important to have good autofocus. And the Sony camera is like really good at focusing, cuz I can put something in the middle, like this, pull it back out and it’s focused right on my face.

Ultra Wide Zoom Lens

I don’t need someone else on the back checking if it’s in focus or not. The other really important thing is that it has a flippy screen right here. So I’m actually this far away from the screen and I can to see it perfectly, although it’s a small screen, I don’t need another monitor on top of my camera. That just kinda makes things more difficult cuz you gotta set it up, plug in the H DMI and stuff. And also notice I have the tripod push up against walls so that the camera is almost flush against it so that I can have the most distance here and a lot of distance in the back as well, so that you get that blurry of fact. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

And by the way, I am using the Tamron 17 to 28, it’s an ultra-white lens and I got this around a year and a half, two years ago and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. It’s a zoom lens, which makes it very, very useful for making Articles. So you don’t have to move the tripod every single time. Another cool thing is that on Sony cameras, you can use the super 35 mode crop in which optically magnifies everything, making the lens longer, more like a 40-millimeter lens in this mode. I can still film in 4k. So it’s awesome.


Also another thing, that’s a small thing, but it’s a very important thing is actually you using the 128 SD cards. I used to use that 64 before and switching to 1 28 was life-changing for recording because you don’t have to stop what you’re doing, offload it, format it and then continue your work.

I can just film any project using only one card and moving along. The only thing that’s attached to my camera is the road wireless go. This mic is super useful because if you’ve been a long-time follower on my channel, you’ll know that this is actually a very small and compact room and it has a lot of echo and reverb. So it makes using these mics kind of useless. Cause if I switch it to this mic over here or you’re gonna see the difference right away. So now we’re using the Sony mic. Can you hear the difference? There’s a lot of reverb testing one, two to three. And now switching back to the road, Articles micro, and now back on the wireless testing 1, 2, 3, how does that sound? So I can be over here like a way across the room and the audio’s still gonna sound the same or I can be even talking to the wall backwards and it’s still good. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

Wireless Mic

So I think the setup works great. If you work in a small studio and have this river problem, it’ll probably save you a lot of money from buying those studio foam and having the trouble of sticking them all over your ceilings and stuff. So as a Articles creator on wpkidrasel and as a one-man team, one of the most important accessories I use and use all the time is a tripod. This is very useful because this is how I get all the stable shots of me talking to myself like this or stable shots of me doing something else to demonstrate so into the audience. So a year ago I finally bit the bullet and bought peak designs, traveler tripod it’s made of carbon fibers.

Carbon Fiber Tripod

So it’s super light, but it’s also super expensive. However, after using it for this long, I think it’s definitely worth it because I bring it with me everywhere and I use it almost every day.

super short tripod stand

So with the peak design tripod, it actually use a ball Mount over here. It’s very easy to me out. It’s a quick release, so I can just pop my camera in there and lock it in. And it’s very secure. It also uses this mechanism to tighten or unlock the ball head. So it’s very, very easy to adjust. I can make it vertical, lock it in and I can be making vertical Articles right now and TikTok if I ever wanted to, or I can just, you know, be a normal person and make it landscape, you know, and while we’re on the topic of tripods, I think it’s very important to have smaller tripods as well in the studio. Cause you know, those times when you have your tripod all set up, but you want a really low-angle shot to get a better perspective. That’s where these tripods come in. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment

So being able to change between all three tripods really quick was a game-changer in my workflow when I’m filming B roll. Also, if I’m really lazy that day and don’t wanna set up a tripod for whatever reason, I can always just place this tripod here and use my adjustable desk to adjust the height of this angle. So that’s, it’s like I have a full tripod. So that’s another neat studio trick for you to kind of save space, remember like, and subscribe. So before I was using the newer studio lights that I bought on Amazon,

Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment

LED Studio Light

they have a lot of LEDs in it and I use the batteries on the back. So that it’s a portable setup. I can just take it from one place to another. However, as time passed by, I just noticed that these lights weren’t as powerful.

Amran 100 D video light 

Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment

So right now I’m using the Amran 100 D so with the light over here, it actually lights up my whole studio.

Cause if you haven’t noticed that this room has no lights at all, besides the natural light that I’m getting from the window. So the light is very powerful and it only uses one color, which is daylight, which is all that I need. Like before I thought I needed something that my newer studio light had,

Powerful Studio Light

which is like an adjustable ston look, which gets kind of orangey. But for a small studio used like this, having a constant daylight is perfect. But anyways, with the current setup right now, the aand 100 D is only using 17% of light. And the important thing here is that with lights like that, you can either have like a really big softbox, but I don’t have space for that. And I don’t want it shooting directly at my face because it would be like overexposed and it’s not gonna look great.

Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment

So the fix that I had for it, if you didn’t catch it the first time was that I’m shooting it at the white wall. And this is great because it saves me a lot of space and it’s free and it’s a functional use of the space. So now we’re gonna move into the second setup where I have the flat lay stuff and unboxings this way you can capture my reaction to what I’m unboxing and you can see what I’m unboxing at the same time. So as you can see, my hands are over here and it’s like all synced together. This is very useful when I’m doing something live and I won’t even wanna fill it once. So to create that kind of effect, I’m actually using the, this rig over here. It’s like an overhead rig. It’s a boom arm by newer. It’s not supposed to be used like this, but I think it’s for lights originally, but I put a camera at the very end instead of light.

Light Setup

So this is my RX 100 over here. It’s a very light camera. So it works really well for the boom arm. I usually have my a seven C over here as well. And this is a situation where’re having a lighter, a camera is advantageous because this thing will all tumble down and you don’t have to worry about it falling. So with this rig, I have a few things over here. I have a light over here. It’s controlled like this it’s a halo light so that it can illuminate everything below and everything is mounted on friction arms so that I can adjust it to which every angle that I want. And secondly, I have a mic over here. It’s connected to the zoom reporter. This is very useful because with unboxings, you want that as M R crispness with the sound and it records everything on the table. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

And then over here, I have some battery packs. These are by Omni charge, super useful. I usually use it to power up the halo light and it’s charging my RX 100 right now. So I don’t have to worry about the battery. The nice thing is that if I want to take it out to use, when I’m out in the boat, I can just take it out like that. So these batteries are very versatile and very rugged. I dropped these multiple times. They’re still okay. And as you can see, if you Mount something heavy on here, it’s gonna wobble quite a bit. So I did add this arm over here to add as support. So the whole thing won’t fall. And I also use my control over here to press record so that I don’t have to touch the camera. So I don’t have to wait for that wobble to stop.

So again, the remote is very useful or to make it more stable when I’m using my as and C on there or a heavier or camera, I actually use my backpack over here as a counterweight. So it really helps with that wobbling. And you can add stuff in your backpack whenever you want to make the counterweight effective. So that’s my little hack right there with this whole thing. And by the way, to see what I’m doing down here, I’m actually using a monitor. It’s the Shinobi by Atmos. This is really useful because I usually see the screen, even with the flippy screen. It’s hard to see. So this is quite nice. And what I love about this is that I can change the aspect ratios so that I can see the full thing, or when I’m doing Instagram stuff, I can change it to one over one over here, and I can get the exact frame that I want for flat lay pictures, or when I’m doing just simple on boxings on Instagram.

So this is a very, a tool for that. Also this monitor is very high resolution. It’s very useful to see if something’s in focus, especially when you’re doing boxings. You wanna do it once and you wanna make sure you get the shot. So the other thing that’s worth noting about the setup is this table. It does two very important things. So having an adjustable setting desks for your B rolls and your flat lay is very, very useful because you don’t have to move your camera much.

Adjustable Desk Setup


And, uh, everything is a lot closer now, as you can see. So it’s actually better for your posture when you’re working a long time doing flat lays or whatever. But the most important thing here is that you can actually move the desk. I put wheels underneath. So I think I found this triple wheel thing at home people or RO it’s actually used for moving heavy things, which works perfectly for my desk and my work situation.

I need the room to transform very quickly and move the desks to different places, to open up space for different uses. Like when I’m shooting product shots on my desk, as a tech content creator, it’s very important to get those smooth motions for all my product shots, because it makes it more cinematic or interesting so that I can keep the viewer’s attention and show them something that they need to see in a different perspective, to get shots like this. I’m using the man photos 0 55 tripod it’s super sturdy. It’s built like a tank. And the best part about this tripod is it’s fluid drag system. That’s built into the Articles head. This is how I get those buttery smooth, steady shots in both the pen and til axis. When I, I apply force to it, the Articles head moves at a constant speed. So there won’t be any jitters in my shots, making everything I shoot buttery smooth using this tool makes it so easy.

Zeapon Slide

You don’t need to be a pro. Anyone can do this and get the same results. And next, if you wanna get more fancy, we can use a slider right now. I’m using this Zep in micro too. It uses a very similar mechanism is to the fluid drag system. So just put your camera on it and start pushing to get the shots that you want. I like using a slider to get another perspective. It just feels a lot more epic when you’re zooming out of an item. I use this type of shot a lot in my desk setup Articles to slowly reveal more to the audience. So, and an important thing to note here is that the camera moves with slight rails at the same time, giving it a longer distance and the rail themselves. So this tiny slider is longer than it looks. And next, this is like the ultimate form of fancy. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment

Here are some RRGB lights. I’m using the ones from apertured to give the product a brand new look by using contrasting colors. And as for the final touch, this is a product spinning thingy. It will spin anything that you put on it. And once that gets going, this is the point where we apply all the techniques and style of shots that a talk about before. This is how I usually like to shoot my product shots in my product reviews, because they simply look, it matches my style and I’m proud of the final results that I see in my Articles. But keep in mind, you don’t need to do any of this to be successful. This is just how I like to do things. B rolls are all about supporting your story and helping you make a point. You can do that. However you want. As long as it works, making the B rolls is one of the funnest parts to make it more creative and that, but there’s one important thing here to note is that when I’m filming my B at the end of it, I always take the thumbnail picture as well.

That is the most important part of this process or else I would have to set up and do everything over again. So if you’re a Blog content creator, your thumbnail and your title are extremely important, it’s gonna be the first thing that the viewer sees. And it’s the only thing that’s gonna make them click into your Articles. So no matter how good your Articles is, it doesn’t matter unless they click into it. So for myself, getting the thumbnail done first, just puts my mind at rest or else I can’t even get onto editing. So I’m gonna show you guys how I do all of that. Using my favorite graphic design platform canvas, which is also the sponsor of this Articles. I’ve actually been using canvas since I started making Blog Articles a on my channel. So if you’ve been a longtime subscriber, you might remember these thumbnails.

And I gotta admit that making a good thumbnail is a bit tough. It’s not the easiest thing to learn. So using Canada allows you to design content for your project with thousands of easy to use customizable templates created by professionals. These are designs that actually look great, and they’re very easy to edit and personal lies to make it your own for your own content. The platform is super intuitive to use. You can work on your phone or your desktop, and if you wanna make Articles content, they have a ton of animated templates as well. So you can choose from a ton of stock Articles that kava has in their library, or you can upload your own media to use as well. Now you can use camera completely for free right now there’s tons of awesome templates on the free plan.

However you truly unlock its potential. When you sign up for the pro account with the pro subscription, it really gives you an unlimited number of ways for you to connect with your audience. We’re talking about millions of digital assets and almost double the amount of customizable templates. And because I always have hookups for my friends, Canva is giving you camera pro for free for 45 days. If you sign up using the link in the description box below, you can also sign up and use Canva completely for free. So definitely try it out. Using the link below. I think using Canva is the easiest way to upgrade the quality of your content. And I personally love using it for. So big, thanks to Canva for sponsoring this Articles and hooking us all up. Okay, so now we’re gonna go on to the editing. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

This is kind of trippy, cuz we’re gonna edit the Articles that you’re watching right now. So editing can be a whole Articles in itself, but I’m gonna give you basics. And if you want me to make a whole Articles on this, uh, I could just let me know when the comments below. So right now I’m using final cut pro to edit my Articles. So this might look a bit complicated. There’s a ton of things going on. However, the thing I’m highlighting right now is the a roll that’s the footage I was talking about before, where you’re just talking to the camera face to face and, and you’re telling a story. So for example, I have all this talking parts down here, but what you guys would see is me showing the camera because I’m talking about the camera. So if we hide this part, you’ll just see me talking and talking and talking. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

And there’s this one part I wanted to hide, which is over here in this part, I’m just reading off my eye pad. So it’s not the best thing. So that’s why I have the B roll on top over here to hide it all. And this is a very useful trick because, um, I can’t remember all those things on the script and I can speak a lot better when I’m reading off something than, um, trying to make something up like I am right now. So the main point is that your B roll is supposed to support your story or whatever your narrating or saying to just explain things better or to make a point. Cause in Articles, when you show someone something it’s a lot easier than you trying to describe it. So I do that throughout the whole Articles . And another example over here is when I’m talking about how I’m, I’m using the monitor for Instagram and stuff, I actually show different pictures that I posted on my Instagram using this overhead rig and the unboxing that I did with it as well.

Overhead Rig Setup

So instead of me just keep pointing at the camera over here, like this, which is quite boring. So again, it’s a lot easier showing the audience of Articles rather than trying to describe what I’m talking about. And next this part is pretty interesting because it’s all voiceovers the part where I’m describing how to shoot B rolls, cuz sometimes it’s just a lot easier shooting what I’m doing first and then explaining it afterwards because with voiceovers, there’s no footage at all. I don’t need to talk in front of the camera and I do all my voiceovers on this sure mic over here. I got this around two months ago and I’ve been using it ever since it is super crisp and easy to use. It’s literally plug light. It has its own software that works for Mac and PC and in the software you can choose nearer or far and it’ll automatically figure out the best settings to get the best sound.

So if I’m talking to the mic right now, you’re gonna hear quite a big difference versus the road wireless mic that I’m using. So if you were able to detect and hear that difference in this section of the Articles , that’s all coming from this mic. So another important note with Articles is that you wanna make your point in the first 30 seconds because people will click off if you drag on too long and it just in general, you wanna make your Articles very useful, very, to the point and with editing, it is really an art that I have yet to master. Although I think I’m better at editing than filming cause with editing, it really helps with the storytelling with making a point. And I think it’s all about the structure that you tell your story as well. You want the flow to make sense and keep your audience engaged, making them feel that every second that they spend on your Articles moving forward and not just wasting their time talking about random stuff. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

And I think that each scene change or B roll or cut should make a point and keep your audience engaged. It’s very, very important to have a high retention rate on your Articles and that’s how you do it. So guys, if you’re still watching, I applaud you. This was a long, long Articles. I like really track to pour my heart and brains out to tell you everything that I know right now, it’s not easy being a content creator. There’s a ton of stuff to learn, but it’s a craft. It’s something to master and truly it’s all about being a good storyteller. Low Cost YouTube Studio setup equipment- best budget Audio and Video gear

So for instance, if you have any questions at all, please post something in the comments below. I love to hear about what you learned or if these Articles inspire, argue to make something or if it was just a total waste of your time. I hope that’s not the case, but if you found this Articles very useful, make sure to share it with a friend like the Articles and subscribe it. You haven’t already yet what the notification bill turned on to get the latest updates, And that’s it for now, friends.
Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the very next

And last note here.
I know some of you guys were judging my footwear and uh,
let’s talk about it. So I wear the BES in the studios.
It’s very comfortable. This is very, very important.
If you’re working with hard floor, cuz you walk around all day.
So wearing these while walking around and filming has great.
I highly recommend it. And if you’re wondering why red? Um, I just like the color red.


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