how to start money making blog website
how to start money making blog website
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How to start money making blog website Portfolio start 2 million dollar website revenue

Travel couple makes over two million dollars a year with their website the website called its a lovely and it’s run by heather and pete reese because of they’re able to
travel the world How to start money making blog website

and have all their freedom to raise their kids and enjoy life on their own
terms. all because of their income from the site that’s completely passive meaning that even while they’re enjoying. the day with their family and not even touching laptops their site

How to start money making blog website

is pulling in around six to seven thousand dollars per day. so in this article i will be breaking down what exactly is it’s a lovely

how to start money making blog website

how does it makes so much money how many visitors does it get each month how do they get their
traffic and where is it coming from and no this article is not sponsored by it’s a lovely life. i do a breakdown of the profitable websites on this blog all the time that are started by real everyday people because our goal here is to supply the best and most trustworthy
information for not only how to make money with website but also how to build them step by step from home without any previous experience or any fancy coding and anyone nowadays can start a website and learn how to generate an income from it with nothing but a laptop and some time. and it’s a lovely life to post their monthly income reports publicly.
so i can show you some real data to prove it.

How to start money making blog website


How to start money making blog website start 2 million dollar revenue

So let’s get started what is it’s a lovely well it’s basically a blog about blogging and knows that sounds strange right well. believe it or not, blogging is one of the most effective
and rewarding ways to make money online nowadays because it allows you to be creative
expand your knowledge on a topic help people and make a passive income and the sole
The purpose of their blog is to teach others. how to do it and start a business from home they
have posted all about blogging tips and how to get started full-length course on how to build a business around
blogging as well as posts about travel and family to show people how rewarding it is
to be a professional blogger so how do their websites make so much money. well, there are two main ways that generate the bulk of their income.

How to start money making blog website 2

so I’ll start with the first which is selling courses online courses are an incredible way to generate
a lot of income. if you know a lot a specific topic or skill.
that people want to learn if we go to their blogging courses page they start with
some free courses to help you get started and get your foot in the door and this is on purpose because in order.

to access those free 5-day crash courses you have to put in your email which allow them to build a large email list
of thousands of subscribers that they can now broadcast emails to in order to promote sales on their premium courses.
this is also the first step to what’s called the sales funnel. which I’ll explain shortly and down below they have their premium
a course such as WordPress fast launch which shows you how to get your site setup WordPress

how to start money making blog website
and web hosting which is actually a lot of what we teach here for free on this blog but they
also, have blogging blast off travel blogging blast off blogging mastermind experience
sell that course and motivate your mind which is all a lot more in-depth on everything that you need to
know to run an actual blogging business and make a lot of money
with it, these are very high value and run from about $300 to $1,000 a pop, which is why they’re able to bring in so much revenue each month. If you click on any course, they’ve built a pretty extensive landing page, complete with Articles that explain why to become a blogger, walk you through everything you’ll get in the course, and why you should buy them. Building a successful landing page is an art form in itself, and I’ll be sure to create articles on the channel soon about breaking down exactly how to build one that converts.

how to start money making blog website


Now the second way that they generate their revenue is through affiliate marketing, which is a lot simpler than it sounds. Being an affiliate basically just means you’re driving traffic to someone else’s product and collecting a commission for each sale that you make for them. How to start money making blog website start 2 million dollar revenue


So in almost any blog post that they write, they include affiliate links like this one indicated in Blue that link to services like Bluehost, which is a web hosting company, or SEM Rush, which is a popular SEO tool for bloggers and digital marketers and other paid website services like Tailwind Fiver Convert Kit, Amazon, and much more, which you can see a full list of the on any of their public income reports. For example, in this article, they’re recommending SEM Rush for optimizing your website for search engines like Google.

how to start money making blog website
And if you click on the link, you can see that it’s actually an affiliate URL up at the top with their It’s a lovely life slug at the end of it. Now. They haven’t posted any updated income reports for this year yet, but in August of last year, you can see that they’re roughly making around $103,000 a month from sponsored content and affiliate income and about $119,000 a month from their core sales, which is a lot of cheddar.

how to start money making blog website

And if you scroll down, you can see a full list of exactly how much they’ve made since January of 2017, which started at around $28,000, and they even had a record month in January of last year, which was over $316,000. And another good way to make money with a blog that they’re not doing on theirs is to run Google ads on it, which looks something like this. Anytime somebody clicks on one of these ads, you can get paid by Google AdSense, but I believe the reason It’s a Lovely Life is not doing this is because it makes their site look a lot more trustworthy and legitimate not to have ads on it. How to start money making blog website start 2 million dollar revenue.

If you crowd your website with too many ads, it’ll look messy and it’s hard to absorb any of the real content, and visitors will bounce off your site. But an ad or two play strategically in any of your posts can be a good way to make a little bit of extra income.

how to start money making blog website start 2 million dollar revenue

Starting out. It’s a lovely Life already has such high-value courses to offer, so they really don’t even need to focus on Google ads. Okay, so now how many visitors do they get each month? Well, they’re getting their traffic through two different ways organic and paid traffic, which I’ll cover in just a minute. But I have a fancy Site Explorer tool with Res.

how to start money making blog website
Com that allows me to see how much organic traffic they’re getting, and it’s only around 3k visitors a month, which is not very high. So I imagine they have more than double this coming in from paid advertising. And although I can’t see any metrics on how much traffic they’re getting from paid advertising, I can show you exactly which ads they’re running, which brings us to how do they get their traffic and where is it coming from? Well, as I said, they have organic traffic coming in as well as paid.

So I’ll explain both. First off for paid advertising, they’re running a lot of Facebook ads, which I imagine is making up a large portion of their total monthly traffic. And you can see these ads by going to their Facebook page, clicking on call underneath page transparency, and go to their ad library, which you can see is mainly just a lot of variations of the same how to start a blog ad. You can see that each one has different images, different colors, and different variations of the same three fonts. The reason they’re doing this is so that they can test each one to see which of these variations is bringing in the most traffic, and then they can up their ad budget on it or create something similar to it. How to start money making blog website start 2 million dollar revenue

You never know what’s going to appeal to most of the people until you try everything…

And you can make pins like these completely for free by using a site like Canva.

Com. Here you can design the pins with text and images and icons that will entice people to click,

how to start money making blog website start 2 million dollar revenue

click and learn more much like this pin from its a lovely life that says, Start your blog the right way with our free five-day course. Now, a pin like this one is the first step in what’s called a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a process that brings a potential customer closer and closer to buying your product through a series of marketing actions like automated emails, articles, articles, and landing pages that will do the selling for you.

There are about five steps to a successful sales funnel. How to start money making blog website start 2 million dollar revenue

First, you have elite. A lead is something like this pin that catches the attention of a set of eyeballs on the internet and entices them to click. Next, you have a connection.

how to start money making blog website 2 million dollar revenue

A connection is made typically when you ask this potential customer for their email in exchange for helpful free information on how to do something like starting a blog, for example, then you have the follow-up. A follow-up is done by setting up an automated email that will instantly go to this person’s email inbox and usually offers them a sale or a discount on a premium course or a product that will solve all their problems. How to start money making blog website start 2 million dollar revenue

And if they’ve already found your free information helpful, they’re much more likely to click on the premium product in your email, which takes us to the conversion. A conversion is a step right before the final sale. It’s usually a landing page like this one. It’s a lovely life that resonates with the problems that you’re having and how to solve them. With the help of this course or product, it walks the potential customer through everything that they’ll be able to do after the help of this course and why it’s so valuable to them.

Then you have the sale and the sale is made after they’ve gone through and invested enough time and energy into your information and trust you enough to buy your product, which is usually done with a button at the bottom of the landing page, and this is what’s known as a call to action. How to start money making blog website 2 million dollar revenue. This is one of the most effective methods of online sales, and it’s proven to work if done right now. This may sound like a lot, but the beauty of making money with a website is that once the upfront work on building the site, filling it with content, and setting up your product is done, then you can make money completely passively and just focus on updating your products.

And the way to get started is to simply create a website.
So I’ll put a link in the description below to one of my most popular step-by-step tutorials on how to create an affiliate marketing website.

In that article, I walk you through everything you need as a complete beginner to create a website that’s ready to start
making money so feel free to check that one out and if you enjoyed this article please feel free to hit comment and share this article like button or drop me
how to build professional websites from home as well as how to make money with websites and check out create a blogging website
on Instagram and trick tock for web design inspiration quick tips and behind the scenes alright guys my name is Rasel from creator your website.

Order place: Create a blogging website

How to start money making blog website

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how to start money making blog website




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