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WordPress 5.8 is slated for release on July 20, 2021, and that we need your help to urge there—if you’ve got not tried 5.8 yet, now’s the time!

We are closely following the event and trying new features on our test sites.

In this article, we’ll show you what’s happening in WordPress 5.8 with features and screenshots.

An immersive peak within the upcoming WordPress 5.8 release

Note: you’ll try the beta version on your computer or on the stage environment using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

Introducing the template editor
WordPress 5.8 is going to be shipped with the new template editor. this is often a step towards creating an entire site editing tool using block editor, which suggests you’ll expect it to urge better with future releases.

The Template Editor allows you to create and save templates for your WordPress website then use them for any post or page.

Create a replacement template

Switching to Template Editor will allow you to feature site editing blocks. Several required blocks are available which include:

Site logo
Site tagline
Site title
Search loop
Post title
Post content
Post date
Post part
Post featured images
Division Division
Post tags
Get out
Page list
WordPress 5.8 has introduced several site-wide editor blocks

The feature is optional, theme developers and users can easily disable it.

The template editor still depends on your WordPress theme and inherited its style.

For a more flexible approach, you’ll try SeedProduct which allows you to make custom landing pages without having to use any WordPress themes.

Block as widget
Another big step towards a full-site editor experience is that the new block because of the Widgets interface.

Users getting to be|are”> are going to be ready to access the new widget experience using the Customizer or by going to the Presence »Widgets page.

Adding blocks as a widget in WordPress 5.6

Blocks as widgets will bring block editor flexibility to your WordPress sidebar widgets. you’ll be ready to use colors, spacing, typography, and other design tools without installing any plugins.

New widget page

There is a widget block that permits you to use classic widgets that aren’t yet available as blocks.

Still able to move?

Don’t worry, you’ll close up this new feature using the Classic Widgets plugin. Just install and activate the plugin and this may disable the new widget block feature.

WebP images are coming to WordPress
WebP may be a new file format for using images online. Using the WebP image format, your images are going to be 25-34% smaller in file size without losing quality over PNG and JPG.

Currently, WordPress doesn’t support web images and users see errors when trying to upload an internet image.

Web image upload error

WordPress 5.6 enables you to upload WebP images to your WordPress website without the utilization of any plugins.

However, the downside is that if a user is in an unsupported browser, it’ll not automatically replace the image with JPEG or PNG.

If most of your users use unsupported browsers, you’ll still want to use a picture compression plugin.

For more information, see our article on the way to properly add WebP images to WordPress.

WordPress Editor Improvements 5.8
Each WordPress release comes with a variety of improvements, bug fixes, and new features to reinforce the editing experience.

Following are some editor improvements to WordPress 5.6.

Easily select parent blocks in nested blocks

Nested blocks like columns and groups allow you to easily block groups. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to pick the parent block within the nested block.

WordPress 5.8 will now display the Parent Block button, which is usually visible within the toolbar.

Parent block button on the toolbar

See advanced list

WordPress 5.8 will accompany a complicated list view panel. this may show you an entire list of blocks on your post or page.

This will make it easier for users to maneuver to a selected block during a more complex format. for instance, if you’ve got quite one paragraph during a particular column, you’ll navigate using the list panel.

See the Advanced List in WordPress 5.6 panel

Advanced selection tools including block handles

The selected tool now shows a far better block outline with a handle for moving the barricade and down.

Better selection tools including block handles

In WordPress 5.6, you’ll notice better blocks as you progress your mouse around different blocks.

New Dutton filters for image and media blocks

A more interesting upcoming feature in WordPress 5.6 is that the Duotone Filter One.

A more interesting upcoming feature in WordPress 5.6 is that the Duotone Filter one. you’ll be ready to use these filters on these media blocks, like images, galleries, and canopy images.

WordPress 5.8 uses Dutton filters

It comes with a couple of presets and you’ll also create your own presets by choosing the colours you would like to use .

In WordPress 5.6, Duotone filter is applied to any image

WordPress themes will enable you to feature your own presets to match theme color schemes.

Pattern suggestions on ad block panels

If you look for a block, using the Ad Block panel, the editor also will suggest patterns that you simply can add instantly. Some new patterns are available and work has been done to integrate them into the essential pattern directory.

Pattern advice

Improvements to existing blocks

There are several improvements to existing blocks. for instance , more color options for selecting text, background, and link colors.

More color options

There is a replacement choice to adjust the padding between the columns.

Adjust column spacing

You can also choose gradient backgrounds for table blocks.

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