WordPress Website Q/A

Yes, I provide any web related services. Just leave a message.

You need a domain name and a hosting account, such as a domain name for your website. www.yoursitename.com and hosting is the server where all the data of your website like images, text content and videos are stored.

The most basic and mandatory requirements:
1. WordPress-friendly hosting or Linux cPanel based hosting.
2. A domain name / website name Associated with the hosting server (e.g. www.yoursitename.com).
3. Content for pages (text + images).
And I need access to your hosting Cpanel to get started.

Yes, I can start building your website on my hosting account and then transfer it to your account when you purchase your domain name and hosting.

No. I do not provide domains but if you buy premium web hosting from a domain-hosting company for 12 months. Then I will be able to set up your website.

Absolutely! Once the website is done, you can not only change the text and image with a few clicks, but also change the entire layout or add new pages. If you can change your Facebook image, you will also be able to change many images on the site, it’s so easy.

No, I do not provide content writing services, I only work with web designing and development, I suggest you look for someone here who has written content, but you can provide me with content and I will update it on your website.

By e-commerce, I mean a website with an online store. Where you can sell your product or service. For example, Amazon, Walmart, Dollartree Best buy, eBay are one of the e-commerce shopping marketplaces. So you can also add ecommerce functionality to your website.

Of course! All of our websites are responsive on the screen of every device, including smartphones, tablets, and large desktops.

Yes, you can easily edit your website, you will be able to add banners, text, images, contact information, description of images and if your website is woo commerce you will be able to add and delete products, as well as set their price. And change their images and descriptions if necessary. Isn’t that amazing?

Yes, I provide support for only a few weeks after the website is finished, if you want long-term support like month / year please contact me and I will share my maintenance packages for this purpose. Thanks

Absolutely, that’s why I’m here. I offer unlimited modifications to all packages or services, so I’m ready to work until you are completely satisfied.

Yes, of course. If you need help with small changes, I’ll help you with that. I don’t usually accept any money for these changes or help. However, if the change takes longer I would charge a very small fee, probably between $ 5 and $ 15 depending on the time required

E-commerce Website Q/A

You will need a good web host and a domain name for your website and if needed I can help you choose the best provider. I also need content for my website but if your content is not ready yet, I can design the website using dummy content and you can replace it with the original content.

Yes we can add ecommerce functionality to your existing WordPress website.

Yes, I can share your opinions with me first if you have a referral website  I will gladly do.


Yes, we redesign existing websites on WordPress and WeCommerce platforms.


I don’t know programming! Yes, you can easily edit, delete and upload products from your WordPress eCommerce website without any coding knowledge.

Yes I provide free support for a few weeks after the project is over.

Yes I do fix bugs or issues related to woocommerce and wordpress.

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