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Create awesome fantasy website using WordPress elementor 2021
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Create awesome fantasy website using WordPress elementor 2021

People, come on in and take a seat. My name is Rasel Howlader,
and today I’ll be showing you how to build a WordPress website step by step with Elementor.

Beginners, like yourself, can walk away today with a really professional-looking WordPress website.
Plus, you’ll learn how to use the Elementor page Builder and all the features which is currently right now the most popular WordPress page builder for WordPress.
So today, after watching this article, you will be able to create your own Create awesome fantasy website and you will also even be able to start your own website tomorrow. If you wanted to trust me, this stuff is so easy. So go get your favorite snacks, go get your drink, pull up a chair, and let’s get started today with this WordPress tutorial.

Today I’ll be shown when you step by step, how to build and customize a modern and beautiful-looking WordPress website. And the great part about this article is that you don’t need to know any sort of coding or HTML because we are using the number one most popular drag and drop page builder that makes it super easy to build your new WordPress websites. And as you can tell, this website looks very professional yet simple. So I’ll be showing you how to build and customize every part of your website so you can walk away today with a beautiful website that your visitors will love.

Now you can build any type of website you want.

In this WordPress tutorial, you can build a business website, a portfolio website, a restaurant website. You can make any type of website you want. With this WordPress tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to make vibrate and beautiful designs with free templates that will stun your visitors and make you and your website look really professional. And with 150 free templates to choose from, you can definitely find a template and style to fit your business needs. And just to make sure you make great-looking Create awesome fantasy websites, I’ll be giving you some professional design tips and quizzes to help you with your web design skills.

So today in this article I’ll be showing you how to build your new website with WordPress and Elementor. WordPress Power is more than half a billion websites and it is by far the most popular platform for making websites. As of 2021, WordPress Power is more than the entire Internet. Elementor is the world’s leading page builder for WordPress. Elementor first came out in 2016, is just another typical page builder for WordPress.

However, the elementary page builder was a lot more intuitive and stable than was currently on the market. At that time. In 2018, Elementor hit a staggering 1 million active installs and by 2021 Elementor has been installed in more than 5 million websites worldwide. And growing.

So you’ll be using the most modern and up-to-date software to build your new WordPress websites. So with all that said, let’s take a closer look at the WordPress website you’ll be building today in this tutorial. Okay. So this is the website that we’ll be making today, and you will actually get this entire template for free just by watching this article. Now you’ll see, we have the logo at the top left.

We have our pages, and you can make as many pages as you want. So we have the home about services, the contact. And then we have this button where they can go and contact you or request a quote, or we can take them to another page. And then here we just have another section that I offer some additional services. And then I kind of threw in this plant here just to kind of take away from all this white and just to give it some friendly elements and just add some decor to the Create awesome fantasy websites.

And then here we just have an image and you can put your image there and just some general upsells, like why choose us where you can talk about your business and then also for those of you who have portfolios or something that you want to show your visitors, we have this portfolio here. And then again, we added it in this little image right here these friendly elements just to kind of add something to the website. So it’s not all white in the background. And then we have some partners so you can put your customers or people that we work with.

And then we can create some testimonials here.

And then below that, we have our staff. So we have met our leadership or you can meet the staff and you can put images of your staff right there. And then scrolling down, we have just some more additional information, like your phone number, your location, and then we finish it off with the footer here at the bottom. So now we’ll be using Elementor, which is a very fluid drag and drop builder. So for example, here I forgot to put help, but how can we help you?

And also we have these elements here on the left side. And you can just drag and drop these elements onto your page. And then all the changes are saved and live on your website. So for example, I’ll drop this text editor right there. And then I can change this text to anything that I want.

And let’s say, for example, you want to add a button. Maybe you can take them to a contact page or somewhere else. I can just drag and drop this button. And then I can change the text of this button to something else. And then I could just rearrange everything with this builder so you can see it’s a very fluid builder.

It’s very simple to use. So I’ll be showing you how to use this drag and drop builder in this tutorial. So I’ll be giving you all the templates for this and also showing you how to build this by yourself using a drag and drop page builder and this is the About US page. So we have just some general information about your Create awesome fantasy website.

We have this little section right here where we Hover over it. It can kind of bring this little Gray color and then just some other information about your company and then some numbers and then again finish it off with our footer at the bottom. And lastly, we have this Contact US page where you can go ahead and submit a contact form, and users can go ahead and ask a question about your services or your business.

You can also go ahead and put a location of your current business on this Google Maps, and then on the right side, we just have some more information like your address, your email, your phone number, and then at the bottom, it’s the same thing.

We have our footer at the bottom.

So ultimately this is a very clean website and it’s multi-purpose, so you can use it for pretty much any style of website just by swapping in the images and making it look a little different. But overall, I think you’re going to really like this website. Are you guys ready? Are you guys excited? Good, because we’re going to build your new website in five simple steps.

Step one, we will get your domain and hosting. So for example, my amazing website. Com. Plus, it’s super cheap and you can host your Create awesome fantasy website for as little as $3. You’ll also get an exclusive discount from the owner in this article and that’s exclusive to this channel.

Step two, I’ll show you how to make pages, install a WordPress theme, and start designing your WordPress website with Elementor. Step three, I’ll show you how to use a theme, customizer some WordPress plugins, and just some additional settings for your WordPress website. Step four will be showing you how to make your website mobile responsive, so it doesn’t matter what kind of device your visitors are using, such as an Android or an iPhone. Your website will create and be responsive on all mobile devices. Step five, I’ll be teaching you how to use the Element or advanced features.

Elements are offered some really cool features that can really speed up the workflow of your website. So I’ll be covering all of this in the advanced section of the Article and make sure to stay until the end because I will talk about great resources to get tons of free elementary templates and elementary plugins for your WordPress websites. Now there is a link in the description of this Article. It’ll take you to a page to purchase discounted web hosting. And this is Name hero.

Com. Now Name Hero Dot. Com performs as the fastest and one of the most reliable web hosting companies out there. Now, how do I know that? How do you know I’m not just lying.

You right. Well, I actually tested Name Hero against 20 other web hosting companies for 90 days. A name here performed as one of the fastest and the most reliable web hosting companies on my list. In fact, named Hero had zero downtime this whole week. So you’ll have reliable and fast WordPress websites.

Now I contacted the owner of this company to give me a special discount. So through my link exclusively you all will save 70% off your web hosting. If you go to the website. Normally you’ll only save 50% off your hosting packages. And the owner gave me the discount just for my viewers on YouTube.

So when you get to this page, you will click on Get Started Now Name Mural offers four different types of web hosting plans. They offer the starter cloud, the Plus Cloud, the Turbo Cloud, and the business cloud. For those of you who are just getting started out for the very first time, I recommend the Plus Cloud. I think that’s suitable. It gives you a lot of SSD storage. Create awesome fantasy website

It’s a very affordable plan and your website will be very fast. However, for those of you who have been using WordPress for a while and you want to upgrade, I highly recommend the Turbo cloud. Now, the reason why I recommend the Turbo Cloud is because this plan offers the NVMe storage technology, which is a new type of storage technology for web hosting servers, for example. So this graph is from the PC world. Com and you’ll see that the NVMe storage can transfer data a lot faster than typical SSD and say to hard drives.

Also, you’ll see that the NVM storage can access information a lot faster than a typical SSD and say the hard drive. So for those of you who want blazing fast websites, I think the actual Turbo cloud is a pretty good option, but I know everyone out there is on a different budget. So just select the package that works for you. And once you select a package, we’ll scroll down to the bottom, and then you’ll click on order now. Alright, cool.

So this is where you’re going to enter your new website. So for example, my new amazing website dot com or my dog is Amazing dot com or whatever you want to put. I’ll just put demo tutorial, one, two, three-dot com and click on Search and look at that. We get a free domain on top of that. So once you select your domain, you’ll click on continue.

Lastly, we have the review and check out and look at that. You just save $125. You have a year of web hosting and protection for under $70. So you have a very good value with name hero. Com.


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