cheap items for gaming studio setup tour
cheap items for gaming studio setup tour
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Cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

What’s up, guys. I’m Rasel and today we’re gonna be showing off my Best youtube accessories 2022 ULTIMATE cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

So start for keeping you guys waiting. I know typically I had these Articles at the first week of January, but shipping delays have been crazy since the holidays and yes, we actually have some notable upgrades to show off in the YouTube studio. So we’re gonna go through all of it. Show you what’s new, what’s changed show you what’s behind the scenes. What’s behind the camera literally, and go through pretty much everything in the studio. So you can see what I’m working with behind the scenes. And I will have everything you see in this Articles listed for you in the description down below. So you can check out all the gear and hardware, whatever we show off in the studio will be down the description. So let’s start it off now. All right. So starting off, this is, is pretty much what I see every time I’m filming. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

This is the main overhead desk that you guys pretty much see with, like product reviews and stuff. But I sit right in front of here with my camera pointing, right at me, as you could see, and I have myself referenced and monitoring in this Lily put 11 inch monitor.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

So what we’re gonna do is, you know, keep it short for the CA camera gear and this sort of stuff. And then just to do like a mini tour real quick, we’ll go talk about the secondary setup behind the scenes. talk about some of the keyboard stuff that you guys I know have been looking forward to. Then we have the main desk setup over here and then the entertainment center and stuff on the other side of the office, which has a brand new

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

82 inch eight K TV. So yeah, we’ll just kind of bring it back and start right here.

So, like I said, this is where you pretty much see everything when I’m filming as it is, and, interest in the actual hardware. I’ve talked about it before. This hasn’t changed in the last few years, but my camera is the black magic Eartha mini pro 4.6 K,  this isn’t the gen two version.

black magic Eartha mini pro 4.6 K

It’s the original, but that’s what I used to film pretty much everything. And like I said, I have it into this reference monitor here so I can see what I’m filming. Um, and like I said, with all the gear and hardware lists down below, cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

I’ll also put things like the actual, um, lens I’m using the, the tripod and head and all that stuff. So I’ll put that down below, if you can find out Morem about it, if you want. Um, overhead is the black magic pocket,

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

Cinema camera six, K.

This is also what I use to get some, you know, secondary shots for overhead stuff.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

It’s pretty much my B cam and I have that hooked up to an Axo Sy. It’s a wireless HQI transmitter, and it’s all powered off right now, cause I’m not using it. but it lets me, you know, transmit the Articles signal, why I list sleeve to my phone or a, an iPad to monitor it. So I don’t have to have, you know, more cables running down to see what I’m actually filming. So that comes in clutch with that camera. so like I said, pretty much like a B cam for me, and since it’s all black magic, it’s, you know, the same color science and stuff, it all pairs perfectly. And I have that mounted on minimax, which is a giant overhead boom arm. And, it’s super, super heavy duty. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour


It actually supports my Eartha mini pro stuff if I wanna Mount it up there as well. And then also for my microphone, it’s the sun Heiser, MK H four 16.

And this is what you hear, 99% of the time on my channel, pretty much for like voiceovers and stuff. but yes, that’s pretty much, you know, the main stuff going on here. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour. I can put some of the lighting gear, down below if you want to, you know, learn more about that.

And just so right now for my audio, I have EVO 4.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour 5

So that’s, you know, into a wireless transmitter so I can get better audio when I’m filming this and walking around and stuff. so it’s not usually set up like that, but just for this Articles,  that’s what we’re gonna have to do to get better audio. So again, most of that stuff down below, but yes, the Eartha mini pro, the main workhorse that I use now, this little setup as you guys saw in previous Articles, looks like in the last login stuff.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

his was usually just this, you know, fake brick wall that I had for just like a secondary sort of scene, you know, background texture. but I used my old Ikea carby desktop and made like a secondary set over here, given things organized, different overhead shots, again, just more variety and stuff from when I’m filming. So this is one of the newest additions, have everything set up over here and just, you know, better things for organizing pretty much stuff like, prop drawers over here. So if I want to change up, you know, what I’m showing overhead, I could have them all organized nicely in these sort of pull out drawers and, pick a prop as I please some, paper rolls again for background shots, ground textures and stuff, or when I’m getting overhead stuff, just again, all variety. And then over here to, I, I, this, this used to be called the minimal setup, but now since I have the Samsung 49 inch, G nine odysey, I guess I can’t really call it, you know, the clean setup anymore. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

Cause it’s just massively overkill. So I reviewed this during the summer when I got it, and it is just an insane gaming monitor. Um, I don’t really have a PC over here right now. I have it docked up to one of the ACEs RRG scar laptops. And, it’s, you know, it works out for what it is. Again, some background shots and stuff want to get different variety. Um, it still works fine for gameplay obviously, but, an absolute, just insane monitor my main peripherals of choice over here, we have the HyperX alloid origins core with their Aqua switches. Absolutely fantastic keyboard. One of my favorites of all time HyperX is killing it with this. And I have some midnight green key caps on here from Tahow. this is a cooler master, it’s the M 11, but I, again, all matching aesthetically in stuff.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

Um, headphones, you send Heiser HD 800 S one of the holy grails to me, love these guys. And then the transparent one en course speakers from Vanu.

I did an entire Articles pretty much on this dedicated studio or,  setup, I wanna say around the end of 2019.

So a lot has changed, but at the same time, most of it’s pretty familiar and, yes, the Topo mass pad, we’re working on getting more for you guys. So, don’t you worry, I, over here, it, this is a bit of a change-up from recent years should just have like camera gear and stuff, but I’ve been working on sort of like a retro sort of shelving spot, some old PS, one N 64, some old games, complete inbox and stuff down here. I just have a little keyboard display, kind of like a transformation and evolution of an old, like apple keyboard from the

eighties, some of the current stuff.

Now I’ll build it up more as we go along,

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

but yes, a little shelving unit over here and all the stuff that I had before, all the camera gear and stuff. I now just moved over here on this shelving unit. just so it’s more, you know, organized and easier when I’m filming right next to it. I can pretty much come over here, grab a lens, um, that kind of stuff, moving our a over to this, which is probably, um, you know, confusing the most people. But yes, these are all different mouse pads and yes, I have ’em on display and mounted here.


cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

I Gotta give a shout-out to Dixie me from Leino and as they are now Omni type, they, show this idea cuz they obviously have tons of different mouse pads that they sell. And I get a lot of in different textures, different surfaces.

So when it comes to getting all these different mouse pads in and,

you know, reviewing them, I need a place to storm and I don’t ’em to get damaged or rolled up or anything. So I have ’em on display here. This is like a, um, a wardrobe rack pretty much. And then over to my keyboard section, this is where I pretty much store and house all my keyboard stuff to, you know, keep for future builds. So I have my key switch wall right here in this, I don’t know what you wanna call. I think it’s the, I R for my Kia, I could be butchering that, you know, how they are, so key caps for, for future builds, actual keyboards selling to build accessories, different stuff in here, D key caps. It’s a nice place to keep it all organized, you know, and, it looks nice this piece, whatever, like, again, I believe it’s called but with most things Ikea, not the best quality.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour 10

And then up top here, I’m gonna be doing a Articles on this very soon. This is called the prep deck, and this is another great accessory you for building keyboards because it’s made for the kitchen for like when you’re cooking and stuff. But I have tons of things like different Springs, stabilizers switches.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

I need the lube actual lube, all my key board building accessories. It it’s a fantastic piece. That’s not made for keyboard building. but when it comes to, you know, Luing different switches and having all my stuff organized different foams, it’s literally the perfect piece for that. So again, the prep deck, and that would be, you know, completing the sort of keyboard building section off to the side here. And I guess now we can go in and talk about my main gaming setup that I’ve been rocking consistently since whatever I moved in here, what 2018, same sort of monitor setup, but I did get different monitors this year.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

So all three of these are different, completely upgraded PC and specs. And then next to these setup, again, this also changed, but now I have a keyboard sort of display shelf to put some of my custom keyboard builds on display.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

So I think it’s definitely a nice piece just to have right off to the side of the setup, you know, so checking it out. Like I said, I I’ve had this monitor orientation for a while and just to sort of like clear the air. Now I say it every year, but people don’t understand. Um, I don’t sit directly in front of all three at once and stare at a bezel. The right monitor is my primary monitor that I sit right in front of. This is my main monitor. Everything else is for monitoring different, you like vector scopes and stuff for color correcting, bins and stuff overhead for whatever Spotify, Twitter.

I don’t use usually all three at once. And again, just for gaming, I use my primary right. Monitor. So yeah, just to kind of clear that, cause I know I’m gonna see it. No, the bezel is not what I stare in front of, um, 24 7 and the bottom two monitors are the upgraded 34 inch ultra gear monitors from LG. it’s the, I wanna say the eight 50 model. So, natively supports GS sync instead of in the past, which was just free sync. So those are the bottom two. You may have seen in my one vlog that the monitor caught fire and the other one died. So it was time to, upgrade and say the least. So those are what I have for the bottom two. this top one is no longer the 34 inch Samsung. It’s now a 34 inch AOC, also 144 Hertz.

And my plan with this was to have a 38 inch from, Dell, the alien wear model, but, that arrived completely broken and shattered. So, unfortunately, you have to wait for that upgrade, but yeah, still 32 or 34 inches for that completing the trifecta there and into some of the, peripherals and some of the gearing stuff. These speakers that I have mounted on each side are not actually for,when I’m sitting down, I know they’re not, you know, when I’m sitting down, you want them right at your ears, they are more up. So when I’m filming around the studio and stuff, I could, you know, have music blasting to me and just fill the studio with music. So I don’t use them for actual, you know, reference and stuff and gaming. When I’m sitting here, that’s mainly for my headphones and these are the Canto, Y U either four or five, it’s been a while, but the Canto, why four or five, again, mounted as well, a nice clean, you know, seamless mountain appearance here, but yes, for the main peripherals, this also changed significantly over the last year.

Steel series keyboard

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

My main keyboard now is a steel series, APAC X, pro TKL. So it has their really quick Omni type switches. Um, also have a set of just midnight green Mo our key caps on there and a nice novel de key to fit it into the midnight green kind of theme I have going on, with the setup overall. So I have that as my main keyboard, absolutely love this. I want to cut down from the old full size course hair keyboards I had, cause I just never really used the Nu the Nu pad and stuff. And this has macros built in, it’s got full, you know, volume control, bunch of different things right here with this smart dial for controlling everything on the fly, the macros, the which speed lighting, everything is controlled with this dial. And you have the actual LCD screen here, which is pretty cool.

so yes, that is my main keyboard. The, wrist rest is from artisan labs. You made me this really nice acrylic one that is, you know, kind of matching to the whole theme. And then from my mouse, we have the razor Viper ultimate. This did not change over the last year, so it didn’t upgrade this, but I cannot get away from it. I love the Ambi shape, lightweight form factor, definitely a killer mouse, um, especially when it comes to, you know, wireless. So no interference, optical switches, and my mouse pad is the mad cat’s glide 38, which is definitely my go-to such a unique rubberized text, very, very fast with the pure grade,  feet here on the, on the hyper ultimate. And it’s, it’s just a really unique texture for a mouse pad. And as you just, you know, saw, I show off a bunch of different ones and check out different textures, and I just keep coming back to the glide 38.

So yes, that is my main peripheral sort of set up here, there some other things, this is the loop deck live, and it’s pretty much like,

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

you know, Gato stream deck alternative it’s for whatever you’re doing. Photo editing, Articles editing, music production, live streaming. This is a really, really killer, versatile tool. It’s all touch screen has buttons and dials. but I mainly use it, you know, for Articles editing and color correcting itself. It’s a great tool to have to learn on the fly as well. You’ll see more about it soon on a Articles with this coming up. And it definitely is a bit of a, you know, an adjustment, you know, a learning curve to kind of relearn editing with using this tool, with loop tech live. I think it’s, it’s definitely worth it in the end. And, that’s what I have, you know, to use the injunction with the keyboard next to that is my amp and deck for powering my headphones.

This is the grace design nice, you know, convenient volume dial up top and my headphones of choice, which has been pretty consistent. These sun Heiser and Maro HD five, eight X Jubilee. They’re open back. So they’re great for gaming. I love open Mac headphones. I’m also great for studio monitoring. These are what I, these I’ve been using these probably for two years now. I just keep ’em on this,  boom arm. I forgot the actual model, but it’s from Sampson again. I’ll have it down below. And that’s also holding my, microphone that I’ll use for some like live streams and voiceovers and stuff that I’ll do for certain Articles. These shirts, MV seven, got like a touch screen up top for volume adjustment. And on this arm, I could just, you know, swing it over in front of me, um, adjust the arm, it’s all telescopic and stuff.


So definitely versatile. And I believe that covers most of the actual, you know, geared hardware here. my chair is from Herman Miller. It’s the embody I’ve had this since 2016. Absolutely great. In terms of ergonomics, when I’m sitting down a lot, you know, editing 24 7, a very, very comfortable chair and the actual desktop also changed over the last year.

Like I showed you on the other side of the setup, I had the old Ikea, Carl, the desktop, this is actually a live edge desktop that I got from home Depot over the summer. I did a vlog about it, then it’s the same size pretty much, but it just has a much more natural, finish to it. So that’s all wood versus the sort of composite material on the old Ikea desk. So this actually natural and, you know, real, but I also do underneath had of a support arms. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

You could see in the back keeping it up, just in case it does ever sag over time. but yeah, it’s a lot heavier lot dirtier and it looks a lot nicer with the live wood edge, I think. So, yes, those are the main upgrades for the desk set up and peripherals. Then we can move over and talk about the new hardware that I inside my PC, which I just upgraded, I believe back in December. So it’s the same case, the FANEX evolve X, but inside all new hardware, the Intel I 9, 10, 900 K CPU that one of the new NZXT crack and Z AIOS and on the front of the cooler actually display.

So I can monitor temps, show things, gifts, and stuff that I want up there. So it’s cool to have that built into the actual AIO itself, got a vision motherboard from gigabyte.

Processor 8 Cores

So nice and white. It fits that sort of aesthetic. I have going on inside 64 gigs of course are engines, RGB program and the gigabyte vision RTX 30, 80.

So again, with their vision lineup, it matches the motherboard perfectly all. And I think it just looks really nice as a whole. And it’s a completed build. Also have like a, an RGB, 24 pin motherboard connector there to give it some extra glow inside some Fantech digital fan frames. So those are not actual RGB fans. You see, they are fan frames, so they go on top of the fan and then you can sync them all with the actual, motherboard and the case itself, since it is all, FANEX, the button right here in the front. If I want to, you know, customize the lighting, switch it all up, all that sinks. And, it looks pretty cool just to have that, you know, universal sinking and stuff going on with the case itself, and then everything inside automatically changes, but a powerful build, a nice clean look and build and nice little shout out the Gengar there on the inside. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

But, yeah, that’s the, the main upgrade over here. And like I showed you just, you know, before we started talking about the main setup, the little shelving unit I added recently with all of the recent builds that I’ve done for custom keyboards, I got the the feel D 65, the, the grid 600, the NK 65, and then our custom novel keys and NK 65 with some of the Topo and midnight green slash teal accents and stuff. but yes, the nice little section over here to have that all on display. And then we could start to wrap it up and talk about the entertainment center over here in this whole entertainment setup. Pretty much that has definitely had a pretty nice upgrade since last year with the new Samsung 82 inch eight K TV. And I know gaming at this size and resolution sounds absolutely ridiculous.

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

And, yes it is, but I can promise you, it is also as insane as it sounds and everything.  upscales surprisingly well to a TV like this. I know there’s not a lot of AK content, you know, that could support it and run natively on the TV. but man, things like on the series X gaming on there, some upscaling and stuff that’s done on Invidia shield TV that I have, it all looks really, really good. And then also off to the side here, I have, um, a gaming PC, which is the main gear F 1 3, 1, a super nice custom hard-line cooling PC that is just beautiful. Um, inside also has a 10, 900 K CPU, 20, 80 ti. And this, if I want to, you know, get some gaming done on here, some casual stuff, obviously nothing, you know, too competitive over here can do that on the TV, the wireless peripherals and stuff. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

Um, some other things to show is this is a brand new entertainment center. Finally, I used to have a very, very small thin,flimsy one this a lot more nice, a lot more modern and stuff. this is one of the things I was waiting on for a while to get in a ride just a few weeks ago. And here I have in the little cubby, the Xbox, series X over here is at Avi shield TV. And this is the main, pretty much power box for the TV itself. So nothing gets plugged into the actual TV. Um, it’s all runs down, just this one little cable and then, you know, power, um, audio devices, H DMI all plugs into the main, you know, box there to keep it all organized and clean. But yeah, definitely a fan of the entertainment center here. I got this from Wayfair, so, fits in nicely. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

Also have this mounted, as you could see behind it, this is just nice and organized man, super thin for a TV like this. So what I pretty much do over here, like I said, if I’m not, you know, PC gaming or whatever, um, obviously with the Xbox series X, it does a pretty good job at upscaling.

So I wanna play some games on there. looks really, really nice, even going back and playing like 360 games in the series X upscale, surprisingly well to a TV at this size and resolution. Now the shield TV I think is just highly, highly underrated. It is very powerful for the size. And what I use this for is pretty much just like a bunch of emulators, essentially. Like I have a ton of emulators and ROMs on here, um, using arc browser. It’s a really nice and clean UI where all your games and consoles are laid out nicely and have it all just loaded on. cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

cheap items for gaming studio setup tour

And I can go through and play pretty much whatever rhyme or ambulator, you know, I want, or that you could think of, you know, mind this be more, you know, recent and current built and stuff, anything pretty much past PS one, it’s not gonna do a too good of a job app, but it’s all laid out real nicely. If I wanna go in and play, you know, N 64 PS one and we’ll GameBoy games, even some DS stuff like it handles tons of games really, really well. And even in the Articles shield itself, it has its own smart AI upscaling that it does, which again, for running some of these really old games that would probably look really crappy on an AK TV. It does a really, really good job at upscaling and sharpening it and make it that look better and more modern for this TV, which really blew me away.

So you’ll be seeing a lot of this stuff in Articles very, very soon. And I think that about wraps it up and brings me right to where we started. All right. So, guys, that’ll wrap it up for my 2021 gaming setup and studio tour, hope you all enjoyed it. As I said, if so, anything you like I’ll have it I’ll list it for you in the description down below, you could check out all the gear and hardware I showed. And if I did miss something, you saw something you like or something I didn’t really talk about, but you wanna know more about it. drop a comment down below low and I’ll do my best to update the description as we go along to hopefully cover all bases here. But yeah, I understand that this YouTube studio is very overkill and over the top for a one-man crew like me.

Hope y’all enjoy it. Have it good day.

Main Setup:

LG 34″ 160hz Monitor

AOC 34″ Monitor


RGB Light Strip

Kanto YU5 Speakers

Speaker Mounts

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

Deep Forest Keycaps

Acrylic Wrist Rest

Razer Viper Ultimate

Madcatz Glide 38 Pad

Loupedeck Live


HD58X Jubilee Headphones

Shure MV7 Mic 

Desktop Boom Arm 

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Tomons Desk Lamp 


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